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The glittering city on the Côte d’Azur is famous for its film festival, but the opulent Cannes is not limited to its red carpets and glamorous yachts.
Throughout the year, tourists strolling among the bars, shops, and palaces of the Croisette, can only be impressed by its beauty and glamour.

Cannes is fortunate to have a luxurious climate all year round, which has made it one of the most popular seaside resorts in Europe.

Nearly 3 million visitors a year stroll along its famous emblematic promenade along the Croisette, dotted with chic restaurants and prestigious private beaches.

With its 50 international events, it is the second-largest city for the organization of trade fairs and is a stronghold of business tourism.

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Visit Cannes

Since British aristocrats settled down in what was then a small fishing village in the 1830s, the place has been shaped by fashion and luxury.

Recently, its real success story has been the year-round vibrancy generated by the world’s most remarkable film festival.

With the Old Port and Le Suquet providing a picturesque addition to its prestigious aura, guests are invited to take a delightful stroll into the past.

Natural heritage is numerous: the forest park of La Croix des Gardes offers the most beautiful panorama of the bay of Cannes.

Located in the ruins of the medieval castle of Le Suquet, the Musée de la Castre is a listed historical monument. Entirely renovated in 2004 with objects from Oceania, the Arctic and pre-Columbian America, the museum has just acquired a permanent room dedicated to the Himalayas and Tibet. By its diversity, the quality and the extreme rarity of certain pieces, this collection is among the most important in France.

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Places not to be missed!

Just a stone’s throw from La Croisette, facing the Bay of Cannes, the Lérins islands welcome walkers in an idyllic setting where nature is preserved. This Mediterranean jewel offers visitors a unique collection of plants and animals and a special history, combining the mysteries of the Iron Mask with the tranquillity of the Cistercian monks.

Market lovers will not miss the Forville market, the true, popular and historic heart of the town, redesigned in 1934, it welcomes local market gardeners and fishermen.

Culinary experiences in Cannes are varied; from gourmet meals in a starred palace with huge portions of pasta in a local bistro to local delicacies in a beach club restaurant. Cannes is all about enjoying beautiful views and trying some of the best fish dishes and Provençal specialties made from ingredients grown in its hills.

Cannes is the place to be for the best evenings on the French Riviera: sipping delicious cocktails in the chic beach clubs of the Croisette, blazing away in one of its 3 glamorous casinos, or dancing all night long in a fabulous nightclub. In the 1920s themed piano bars hidden in the streets of the old town, you can enjoy a pint of Guinness in one of the Irish pubs or order a bottle of local rosé while watching people stroll along one of the many café terraces overlooking the Mediterranean.

Cannes is the place to be for the best parties on the French Riviera!

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