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Dominated by the Cap Canaille rouge at 394 meters high, one of the highest cliffs in Europe, the port of Cassis nestles at the bottom of a steep terrain surrounded by lush vineyards and pine trees.

Especially known for its delicate white wines and wild creeks, it is a peaceful village of fishermen out of season and flooded with sunshine and tourists in summer. The pastel houses framing the harbor have attracted artists from the early 20th century, including Dufy and Matisse.

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Today, the Provençal city is mainly turned towards tourism, through its exceptional natural heritage and its many monuments to be discovered during a stay there. Gastronomy lovers will be seduced by the local specialties, and more particularly by the wine of Cassis. Benefiting from an AOC, they are available in white or rosé to accompany aperitifs on the terrace.

Right in the heart of the village, visitors will discover the relics of Cassis’ history, beautiful shops and artisanal cuisine; gelato, handmade biscuits, vinegars, wines, oils and fresh produce.

The Route des Crêtes between Cassis and La Ciotat is one of the most picturesque roads in southern Provence.

The National Park of the Calanques is more than 20 km long. Jewels of Provence and the Mediterranean, it offers landscapes of great richness with a dozen creeks that stretch from the city of Marseille to Cassis and finally La Ciotat.

Numerous boats in the port of Cassis offer various sea trips, especially to visit the creeks.

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Frédéric Mistral’s Provençal motto for the commune is « He who has seen Paris, but not Cassis can say, I haven’t seen anything. »

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