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Chamonix has been at the pinnacle of alpine adventure since 1760 when a Geneva scientist offered a prize for the first mountain climb of the famous Mont Blanc, Europe’s highest mountain, which tops the town at over 4,800 meters.

The resort experienced its first growth spurt during the Victorian era, hosted the first Winter Olympics in 1924 and resurfaced with the free ride wave as the ski capital of the world. The third most visited natural site in the world, it now welcomes 2.5 million visitors a year, 52% of whom are French and 48% foreign.

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Glaciers cling to the mountainsides with its fabulous sea of ice. They offer skiers a range of challenges from beginner to expert level. In the summer, the hills are green and the region is a paradise for outdoor adventure sports such as mountain biking, climbing or paragliding, making it a true year-round resort.

The resort of Chamonix itself is a bustling town of 9,000 permanent residents just below the French entrance to the Mont Blanc road tunnel.

Much of the town features preserved historic buildings in the Victorian and Belle Époque styles, with ornaments that create an enchanting streetscape perfect for strolling.


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The small villages of Chamonix, such as Les Houches, Argentière and Vallorcine, offer access to the same slopes and are more peaceful.

The town offers quality infrastructures for indoor sports: swimming pool, ice rink, tennis, squash and climbing wall.

When it comes to nightlife, tourists are spoilt for choice to warm up after a day on the slopes with several cozy bars.

In summer, the hills are green and the area is a paradise for outdoor adventure sports, making it a true seaside resort all year round

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