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Why rent in the area of Geneva?

This place is buzzing with people from all over the world.
Whether you are a history buff, a gourmet or an outdoor enthusiast, Geneva is simply a wonderful destination for your vacation.

Switzerland’s second most populated city after Zurich, it hosts 23 international organizations and 7596 NGOs, making it the city with the most international organizations in the world.

Geneva is considered to be the world’s most important city in terms of private wealth management and is today an essential economic center.

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Geneva is located on a lake of the same name, and the two are truly inseparable. The Jet d’Eau (a massive fountain rising from the lake) is an icon of the city, while you can visit the lake and enjoy a breathtaking view of the Alps.

Geneva has one of the best-preserved old town centers in Europe, after escaping the devastation of the two world wars, it is full of winding cobbled streets and historic monuments such as St Peter’s Cathedral or the 12th century Maison Tavel.

Tourists can visit Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s house, walk hand in hand through the English Garden or take boat trips on Lake Geneva. In winter, ski resorts such as Chamonix are only a short drive away.

Geneva is one of the world’s major watchmaking centers and home to luxury brands such as Patek Philippe, Breguet, and Rolex. However, the city is almost as famous for its jewelers such as Bucherer and Chopard offering dazzling gemstones and magnificent ornaments.

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Places not to be missed!

Geneva is an ideal base for a vacation that combines urban attractions with downhill skiing. Museums and exhibitions are numerous and exhibit a wide range of classical arts to daring modern creations. Architecture has a lot of surprises to offer and by visiting another neighborhood, you might feel like you have entered a completely different city.

Swiss cuisine is as diverse as the country itself. Caloric, robust and making good use of seasonal ingredients, Swiss gastronomy delights gourmets with its traditional cheese meals such as fondue and raclette, but also with chocolate.

Geneva is one of the great watchmaking centers of the world and is home to luxury brands like Patek Philippe, Breguet and Rolex

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