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Who does not know Megève, the Haute-Savoie mountain resort which is also a great spot for vacation resort of the greatest fortunes in Europe?

Located two hours from Lyon, the city is one of the most famous resorts in the world and awaits ski and mountain vacation lovers with the authentic charm of a small Alpine village.

Megève has been a spa resort since the beginning of the last century and is a ski paradise with more than 450 kilometers of slopes for all levels, a variety of sporting activities and a mecca for luxury. Fashion or other wellness centers with Turkish baths or Jacuzzis are flourishing in the streets.

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The inauguration in 1922 of a luxury hotel on Mont Arbois saw the birth of the Megève jet-set station, the original idea of Baroness Noémie de Rothschild.
It was highly coveted from the very beginning, with the greatest crowned leaders having stayed there. Nowadays, it is an internationally renowned winter sports resort.

Megève remains popular with a fashionable clientele, attracted by the charm of its lush green landscapes, grassy slopes and dark fir forests, whose rounded peaks of La Giettaz, Rochebrune, and Mont Arbois contrast with the snowy summit of Mont Joly.

Its gastronomy attracts almost as much as its ski area; with its 45 farms and local producers, it hosts generations of talented young chefs. Its 89 restaurants, including 4 Michelin-starred tables, offer a range of flavors that will delight your palate.


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The heart of the resort is a beautiful medieval center pleasant to explore with its cobbled streets, a central open-air skating rink, a splendid church, horse-drawn sleighs and numerous galleries and shops selling chic clothes, watches, and jewelry.

The nightlife is not to be outdone with the Cocoon Club, the Club de Jazz Les Cinq Rues or the Folie Douce, a well-known chain for outdoor music, dance and cabaret.

Megève remains popular with a fashionable clientele, attracted by the charm of its green landscapes

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